Volunteer sign-ups are CLOSED for this year’s Taste of Anaheim… THANK YOU FOR SIGNING UP… If you signed up through this SYSTEM, you ARE CONFIRMED… No confirmation emails were sent out.




For all of your hard work (just kidding, it really isn’t) your entrance into the Taste of Anaheim is complimentary!

  • Checking in restaurants/exhibitors and escorting them to their assigned booth
  • Setting up bars/green room
  • Handing out programs or giveaways
  • Front gate ticket taker
  • Silent Auction “police”
  • Escorting pre-designated VIPs to the VIP reception
  • Escorting guests to open venues
  • Bar runner
  • And the least glamorous job of the entire night, but the most important….ICE duty! (Someone has to keep the beer and wine cold!)

Depending on the amount of volunteers who arrive for the assigned shift, you may be assigned one or multiple tasks. Please keep checking with the Lead Volunteer Coordinator in the Volunteer BaseCamp for more information. If your shift is done early, be thankful….and enjoy the Taste of Anaheim!

Upon arrival, please report to the Volunteer Basecamp located at its NEW spot this year – upstairs on the Upper Level behind Fire & Ice. There will be signage in front of the new storefront. If your shift begins after the gates close, please show attendants your shift confirmation print out to gain access.

Parking: Please park in the “Pumba” parking lot located on Disney Way for easy access.

It gets crowded, and may take an extra few minutes to get inside, so please try to arrive early for your shift! Hey, we all know LIFE HAPPENS, so if you can’t make it, don’t worry! We always have extra hands on deck for these reasons!

Psssst… Remember, we are all volunteers from the same community, looking to provide some assistance during this fun-filled night! Can-do attitudes, patience and smiling faces are very much welcomed at the Taste of Anaheim!

The Taste Man Thanks You for Your Service!