1) Does it cost extra to sample the food?

No, the ticket price includes everything except beverages.

2) How much are drinks?

$7 for beer, wine, or cocktails; $2 for water or soda.

3)  Where can I purchase drink tickets?

There are four (4) I.D. Check locations to have your valid ID checked to purchase drink tickets (refer to your program schematic)

4) Is there a special price for children?

There is one ticket price; however, children ages 5 and under are free.

5) Do I have to pay for parking?

Yes, unless items are purchased from GardenWalk tenants, in which case you can be validated.  Otherwise, parking is $3 an hour, first hour free.

6) Where are the restaurant booths?

(Refer to your schematic in the program, but they are located on main and upper levels)

7) What if I’m trying to access a location inside the gates?

If you are going to a venue within the gates, you are welcome to enter just let the volunteer or security know where you are going.

8) Are there wheelchairs available?

GardenWalk has two wheelchairs available on a first come first serve basis.