Imagine that you’re walking down a street in New Orleans’ famous French Quarter, past iron- wrought fences draped with forgotten Mardi Gras beads and kitschy souvenir shops. You eventually stumble upon a lively joint – where the stories are just as fresh as the fare. As you sit down, you notice a bar of personal-sized kettles steaming with Creole-inspired concoctions. The kettle tips down and oozes out a wonder sauce cooked to perfection and served with warm rice and fresh garnish. It’s an instant comfort in a bowl.

Here at The Oyster Bar, we’re bringing you back to the sumptuous yet unpretentious, the decadent yet basic. Throw off those heels, shed those ties, and enjoy one of our craft beers before you slurp down a little piece of nature’s bounty. Watch as the proverbial tide brings along a dozen of the ocean’s best delicacies. The Oyster Bar — an often bustling and always casual place where you can catch the game, hang out with friends and can count on enjoying delicious dishes overtime.