Hemingway’s writing didn’t dictate his life; rather, his life dictated his writing. He lived by the words “Il faut d’abord durer,” meaning “First one must endure,” forging a courage that led to some of the world’s finest storytelling. He was an author, a free thinker, an adventurer, a sportsman, and a bon vivant. But he was never a spectatorTM.

He spent time in Paris with the era’s greatest minds, broke records during fishing expeditions in the Caribbean, hunted game on the African plains, and wrote poignant stories that transformed American literature. From his excursions on land to his adventures at sea, Hemingway pursued a vibrant life each and every day.

Pilar, Hemingway’s muse and one true constant, is the vessel that allowed America’s literary giant to reach beyond the shoreline, feast on life and later recount his tales of adventure as he sat at his typewriter.

Hemingway lived an epic life in perpetual motion. And rum bore witness to it all.