We’re Resort Vacations Inc., or RVI.  We represent the finest Vacation Product in the Industry and pride ourselves in providing a lifetime of memorable vacations to all of our customers.

 RVI has assembled a top team of industry professionals that have come together to provide (Represent) this exceptional product.  We focused our attention on what our members told us mattered most when on family vacations and have brought that to bear at Resort Vacations Inc.

 When you visit the preview center, we’ll show you how to ensure you and your family is staying in the quality accommodations you expect.  No more “this is nothing like the brochure” vacations that all the family would rather forget.  Want to travel overseas and could never seem to be able to make it happen?   We’ll show you how the club can save you thousands each year and open up a whole world of opportunities to you and yours.  You’ll learn the benefits of being part of a global vacation club and ride the wave of successful vacationing for years to come.   The door will open up to a vacation environment where you call the shots of WHEN and WHERE to travel.   You’ll experience a personal preview of a  Top-of-the-Line Timeshare Ownership Club and discover the difference on how you can make every vacation a winner, time after time, and year after year.

 We look forward to showing you what we have to offer.