Since 1968, La Paz Products, Inc. has been producing high quality cocktail mixes right here in Orange County, CA. It all began with two friends, Larry Casey and Harold Brown, producing and selling their Quickway Professional Bar Mixes exclusively to foodservice accounts (bars and restaurants). Their flagship item was the best-selling Concentrate Sweet-Sour. Originally named L&H Products after the founders, the company started with only 7 mixes, while today La Paz sells over 70 different products! In early 1970, they had a breakthrough idea: an easy to use all-in-one Margarita Mix, so that everyone could enjoy a restaurant-style cocktail at home. The new mix eliminated the inconsistency and all the effort of blending the different ingredients. The original Margarita Mix was born and it was an instant success with the company’s new retail customers. Just add Tequila and ice to get the party started! In 1972, the corporate name was changed to La Paz Products, Inc. The company continued to grow until the need to expand in 1978 took them from their initial location in Fullerton, CA to their current Brea, CA headquarters.

Today, the Casey family is still upholding the legacy, while continuing to grow the La Paz brand. In addition to the mixes, La Paz also now offers a variety of alcoholic beverage items. One of these products is a Tequila-added “Ready-To-Drink” Margarita that takes Larry’s original innovation to the next level. The La Paz team also stays busy managing an ever-increasing private label business, while still keeping true to the core brands. In the early years, consumers enjoyed classic La Paz offerings like Whiskey Sour, Screwdriver, and the era superstar, Tequila Sunrise. But as times change, so must the product line-up. Recently, the La Paz Mojito and low-calorie La Paz Skinny Margarita have been serving a new generation of revelers. Quality products and complete satisfaction have always been the goal. The company is continually improving with streamlined and advanced manufacturing practices. All products now meet the high demand of the SQF international food safety standard (GFSI) and are Kosher certified. La Paz is a true Southern California original that can now be enjoyed throughout the continental US and Hawaii.

No matter where you are or what the occasion, there’s always a reason to party with La Paz!