It Is All About Bringing Freshness, Natural Flavors And Happiness.

Inspired from Mexican heritage and history, imagination and fresh natural ingredients created some of the most tasteful, delightful and exquisite flavors of North America. Locally produced fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products are the key ingredients to provide natural flavors and freshness our customers demand.

Ice cream, sorbet, popsicles and other frozen desserts are made daily ensuring the freshness and the best taste. Hot churros are made fresh throughout the day at our location, served on its own or with your choice of ice cream or hot chocolate. A wide variety of other menu items include fresh fruit & vegetable juices or smoothies, fresh fruit drinks like Agua de Fresa, Aguas de Frutas, Watermelon Agua Fresca, Horchata, freshly cut fruit and other savory snacks to please everyone’s sweet or spicy cravings