Commitment to Quality

  • The most highly-qualified instructors in the industry
    Active-duty or retired police officers with over 10,000 hours of specialized training in motor vehicle law and emergency driver’s training. Our Instructors share real-world life experiences that no other company can match.
  • A dedicated, professional fleet of clean, new cars
    Training vehicles owned and managed by I Drive Smart that are professionally-maintained, inspected annually, and certified by the state Motor Vehicle Administration.
  • Convenient class sites 
    If I Drive Smart does not have a site at your school, please request one. We make it a priority to have locations that are easy to reach for both parents and students in the community where you live.

Importance of Safety

At I Drive Smart, we believe in the power of prevention. The statistics about driving are sobering. It’s scary out there!

Here are a few statistics that we aim to change with our superior training:

  • One in five teenage drivers has a crash in the first year of driving.
  • Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for 15- to 20-year-olds, accounting for more than 40% of fatalities.
  • Per mile driven, teen drivers ages 16 to 19 are nearly three times more likely than drivers aged 20 and older to be in a fatal crash.
  • Nearly half of the fatal crashes involving 16-year-old drivers were single vehicle crashes.
  • Among 15- to 20-year-old drivers who were killed in crashes in 2012, nearly 25% were considered intoxicated (with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08 or greater) and, among male drivers, 37% were speeding.
  • For the teenage driver, the presence of one passenger almost doubles the risk of a fatal crash, compared to driving alone. With two or more passengers, the fatal crash risk is five times as high as driving alone.
  • In 2007, 196,000 older individuals were injured in traffic crashes, accounting for 8% of all the people injured in traffic crashes during the year. These older individuals made up 14% of all traffic fatalities, 14% of all vehicle occupant fatalities, and 19% of all pedestrian fatalities.
  • Most traffic fatalities involving older drivers in 2007 occurred during the daytime (79%), on weekdays (72%) and involved other vehicles 71%.

Sources: The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Statistics are nationwide.

One-on-One Approach

I Drive Smart is the only State-Certified Driving School that guarantees 100% private behind-the-wheel training every time…in those states that do not have an observation requirement. It is always one student and one Instructor in the training vehicle for the full session on the road. This method of individualized instruction allows each student to fully absorb all the life-saving information that our Instructors pass along while in a real-life training environment. This is in stark contrast to many other operators who regularly try to train more than one student at a time and also count the time spent doing home pick ups, significantly reducing actual driver training time and violating state law.

In states that require an observation requirement, such as Virginia, we are the only State-Certified Driving School that schedules and trains exactly two students for each session. We do not go around the training rules and train more than two students at a time to reduce costs while reducing training. We also will not train single students and then “fudge” the paperwork to manufacture observation training when it never happened.

We encourage parents to speak one-on-one with the Instructor about your individual teen’s driving needs and progress.