Magazine Overview

@HomeIN Magazine is the only full-color, direct mail magazine dedicated to community based shopping and news.

@HomeIN Magazine caters to communities, instead of skimming all of Orange County. Each regional magazine highlights the merchants in the local shopping community.  So if your clients come from a local radius, or specific communities – you can target mail to just those homes, or go wide and reach 160,000 homes on a bi-monthly basis.

@HomeIN Magazine features local area content, specific to each neighborhood served.  Spotlighting area Dining, Business Services, Home Ideas, Arts and Crafts, Entertainment, Gardening, Spiritual Enlightenment, Caring for Kids, and Automotive needs for each region, no other publication brings it home to where people live and shop like @HomeIN Magazine.

Our staff at @HomeIN Magazine is unrivaled in designing ad campaigns, in order to make cash registers ring.  We strive to provide award winning, results-driven direct mail campaigns. Be it ad design, photography, story content, or informational expertise; your ad, story or on-going column will project your desired image into the minds of the readers, to produce results.