Brief History of Backstreet Brewery

Backstreet Brewery opened its doors in 1998 in Irvine, CA. Establishing itself as an Orange County pioneer in craft brewing, Backstreet Brewery immediately became a local favorite. Set inside the well established Lamppost Pizza, the brewery and pub style bar immediately earned a reputation for its universal craft beer appeal, atmosphere, and inventive microbrew character. In 2004, Backstreet Brewery opened another location in Vista, CA; again, spearheading a craft beer surge in North County San Diego, and leading the way to reinventing the city of Vista. The latest installment is a tasting room and production facility in the city of Anaheim. This facility opened in August 2015 and right down the street from Anaheim Stadium and many other fantastic breweries and restaurants.

After years of operating as an award winning microbrewery and pub, Backstreet Brewery plunged into the world of craft beer bottling in February 2014. Beginning with four different styles of craft beer: Tomahawk Double IPA, Set Sail IPA, Rita Red Ale, and Rydin’ Dirty Rye IPA, Backstreet Brewery began supplying Orange County with 22 oz. bottles of local craft brew straight from its original location in Irvine. BSB will be consistently releasing new beers to the bottling line.

Backstreet Brewery has continued to grow and expand as a family run establishment with deep roots in the local communities throughout Southern California. In addition, Backstreet Brewery has evolved its online presence through social media and various web applications, while participating in beer festivals, tastings, and competitions. As a pioneer of craft beer in Orange County, Backstreet Brewery plans to continue its expansion and grow its operation within the craft beer industry.